VS-900 Vital Signs Monitor Manufacturers India
Intuitive and Easy to Operate
  • 8.4" LED back-light LCD display provides a clear and distinct view.
  • The optional touch screen with intuitive interface along with the rotary knob and button provide excellent usability.
  • Optional barcode scanner allows quick patient admit and patient ID input. The patient information input procedure can be further simplified by accessing the full patient demographic automatically from the ADT server.
Intuitive and Easy to Operate
Convenient Clinical Monitoring
  • Manual, automatic and customized NIBP monitoring modes are perfectly suited for different clinical applications.
  • PI(perfusion Index) of SpO2 measurement can guide caregivers to find the best measurement position. It is also a valuable indicator for the changing health condition of neonatal patients.
  • Spot check and continuous monitoring without adjusting monitoring modes dramatically simplifies the monitoring of a diverse patient population. The convenient patient data review, record and output by patient or by time further ease the caregiver's daily workload.
Convenient Clinical Monitoring
Powerful Patient Data Management
  • Stores up to 5,000 patient measurements VS-900 can be easily connected to the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system via Instromedix India's powerful eGateway, both through WiFi or wired connections. This solution will dramatically simplify the workflow by automating the clinical data collection and ADTprocedures, as well as making data review and reporting more convenient during the patient's entire stay.
Stores up to 5,000 patient measurements
Professional Tool for Clinical Decision Support

The optional MEWS (Modified Early Warning Score) system offers effective support for clinical decision making and patient triage.