Market Representation


Calling out to Medical Equipment Technology Companies

Instromedix with its commitment to provide latest, cutting edge technology products to Medical Equipment users in India, is always eager to explore the possibility of association with technology leaders across the globe. In return, it provides the manufacturers ready made possibility to participate in the huge market potential of India.

Instromedix is seeking partnership with Medical Equipment manufacturers having :
  • State of the art technology products.
  • Products that have clinical and economical relevance in India.
  • Long term plans of exploring and serving the India market.
Instromedix offers the following to its partners in India :
  • Nation wide organizational support to promote the products
  • Individual product focus through product dedicated marketing team.
  • High level of professional reputation and goodwill with the medical fraternity
  • High quality after sales and applications support.
Join hands with us to participate in Large and fast growing markets of India and achieve your goals in Shortest possible time. Highlights of the Indian Medical Environment:
  • Number of Hospitals in India has doubled in India in last ten years.
  • Bed Capacity has doubled in last ten years.
  • Total Health expenditure has grown by 40 times in last 40 years.
  • Total number of Hospitals are 11,174 out of which 57% are in private sector.
  • Total Health Care Industry is 103,000 Crores (5.2% of GDP)
  • Pharma Contributes 17,000 Crores & Healthcare delivers about 86000 Crores.
  • Govt. spending on Healthcare is 17,000 Crores and Private Industry spends 69,000 Crores.
  • India does not even meet 1/3rd of Healthcare Standards set by WHO.