Global Associates


Instromedix aim is to enhance delivery of healthcare technology & services by combining local innovation and partnership with MNC’s and global acquisition strategies. Being one of the leading medical device companies, Instromedix is capable of understanding the unique requirements of the medical industry. The company is always eager to keep pace with the global developments in medical instrumentation and approaches to identify latest, cutting edge technologies from all over the world, understand its relevance to Indian market and help the users in India with its acquisition, applications and maintenance.

Instromedix is, thus, a single window provider of Medical products in India where the advantages of state of the art technology is provided to users in each and every product. The list of Principals that Instromedix represents exclusively in India illustrates the point.

Mindray, PR China - Complete range of Multi parameter monitors, Central monitoring systems and Anaesthesia machines, Infusion Pumps, OT Lights & OT Tables.

Heal Force: World leaders in neonatal care products.

North-East Monitoring System - Over 40 years old company focussed in designing & development of Cardiac Products like Holter Systems, Event Recording systems

Edan: Dealing with Cardiology products including ECG machines.

Spencer, Italy - The only company in the world that understands need of handling Emergencies and provides total Emergency Solutions for Ventilation, oxygen inhalation, suction etc.

Resmed, Australia - We market Portable/ Transport ventilators from Resmed.

Uniteam-Norway- We offer various solutions in the field of Container based Hospitals & Disaster Management.