Customer Support


  • We at Technical Support Deptt. are listening to your needs. Our dedicated highly motivated Service Team Members ensure total solution to the customers requirement. Our engineers are trained in India to meet any kind of challenge and to cater the customer demand.
  • Backed by nine branches and head office at Delhi, we have a coverage of entire country.
  • We stock large inventory of spares and accesories, so that the functioning of Medical Equipment does not suffer.
  • To guard the customer investment and smooth functioning of equipment we assure AMC (Labour only) and CMC (Comprehensive) AMC after the expiry of warranty period.
  • Our HO Techinal Support Deptt. is equipped with sophisticated test and measuring equipments for necessary calibration and Hi-Tech After-Sales-Support to the equipments.
  • We believe in customer satisfaction and quality After-Sales-Service. We also make sure that breakdown time should be as low as possible. We have on line facility to support you.
  • You can contact us at Head Office Technical Support.