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Enhanced External Counter Pulsations

Cardiology Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Manufacturers India
External Counter Pulsation Machine
  • EECP therapy and ECP therapy are terms which describe the non-invasive complimentary or alternative treatment prescribed by the physicians & cleared for marketing by US FDA as a class II device for the treatment of patients with chronic stable angina that is refractory to optimal anti angina medical therapy and without options for revascularizations
  • EECP produces visible improvements in the treatment of Angina
  • Minimum 35 Advisable sessions per patient required to get best results for ECP treatment
  • System automatically stops when set time expires
  • Sustained clinical benefits upto 5 years
  • Increase exercise tolerance for along with improved myocardial perfusion and angina episodes
  • Working method by 3 lead ECG and SpO2 measurement
  • Triggers method - R wave of patient ECG
  • 6 size cuffs fit all patients
  • Remote controled 0-45 degrees adjustable backrest
  • Automatic exhaust protection with premature beat
  • Hand operated emergency button to stop counterpulsation.
  • Automatic treatment stops if heart rate goes out of range (35-125 bpm)
  • Automatic recognition of the R wave of ECG & machine stops when it detects poor ECG signal
  • EC and USFDA approved.