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Our vision to become the most Preferred solution Provider to Medical Professionals could not be fulfilled without addressing Nationwide Market in different segments and winning Confidence on Prompt Response. Our Business Associates play a vital role offering Solution in Served Market through:-

  •   A wide range of Quality Products and Services.
  •   Quickest Response to Customer Needs.
  •   Strong relationships Achieved with Customer Satisfaction.

We Expect our Business Associates to -

  •   Increase Instromedix Market Share through Coverage and Penetration.
  •   Increase Local Awareness of Instromedix and its Products.
  •   Ensure satisfaction of customers in their territory.
  •   Build relationships with luminaries and other Doctors.
  •   Participate Actively in Instromedix Processes viz Exhibitions, Trainings, Demos, Conferences etc.
  •   Look forward to a Long term outlook to Instromedix - Business.

What should An Associate expect from us -

  •   A handsome Compensation in Proportion to Business.
  •   On-going upgradation of Products & Field Knowledge.
  •   A Professional touch to Business Operations.
  •   A long term rewarding Association with Instromedix.

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