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  •     Very light weight recorder i.e. only 42g

  •     3,12 channel digital recording

  •     Real time waveform display

  •     One battery for upto 7 days recording

  •     Removable SD card

  •     Pacemaker detection / Arrhythmia analysis

  •     Analysis of 3/12 lead ST segment changes for evaluation of myocardial ischemia

  •     Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT) analysis

  •     Water protection grade upto IP27

  •     Adjustable clinical parameters to meet different practice needs

  •     Full disclosure 24/48 hours or 7 days recording

  •     Automatic and Manual editing of patient data

  •     QRS template classification

  •     OSA syndrome analysis, Atrial Fibrillation analysis

  •     Review and Print trends

  •     Download data Via compact flash card or USB cable

  •     European CE & USFDA approved