A5-A6, Pragati Chambers,
Ranjit Nagar Commercial
Complex, New Delhi-110008

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  •     Seamless, Hygenic and easy to clean FRP interior.

  •     Scrach proof, heavy duty, Aesthetically matching flooring.

  •     Integrated and conveniently placed storage space.

  •     Retractable Doctor's and attendant seat with upholstery matching with interior.

  •     Gas delivery panel with facility of replacing cylinders from outside.

  •     Soft internal lighting with ceiling fitted high intensity patient procedure light.

  •     Conveniently located drug storage rack with writing drawer.

  •     Integrated mounts for critical care equipment like Ventilator, Defibrillator, Monitor etc.

  •     Air conditioning with imported cooling coil and double blower/ducting. Insulation in the patient cabin.

  •     Integrated foot operated wash basin, soap/tissue paper dispenser and drinking water facility. Optional-Inverter, cool/warm box, music system etc.

  •     Customised external design with choice of color & logo.

  •     Design & development as per customer's requirement.