3 in 1 shelter foldable 3 in 1 shelter expandable Rapid Deployment Shelter
Shelters For Plain Areas Water Purification, Sanitary & Management of Dead bodies Restoration of Lighting & Stand by Power supply
Equipments for Water Rescue Family Requirement Pre- Fabricated steel Structures

3 in 1 shelter foldable

The Uniteam ISO 20' CSC Approved and Certified Shelter is developed and manufactured in Norway.
This shelter is re-usable multiple times and fully CE marked.
Product is CSC approved for transport by AIR-SEA-Rail-Road. Stacking 5-9 high. Average mounting time: 7 minutes.

The same profiles, replacing ordinary hinges, offers extremely convenient mounting of the expandable walls, floor- and roof panels at a minimum of time. This module is constructed within a fully polyuetheran insulated 20' CSC(Convention for Safe Containers) Approved and Certified ISO Shelter, offering a minimum of on-site erection tasks, merely levelling and connection to services. As a ready constructed ISO container with extruded profiles rather than hinges, there are no joints to leak.


Technical Specification:

2348 to 2591
Gross Weight: Net Weight:
6000 kg 3000kg
Mounting time:
<10 minutes
Available area:
35-38 m²
Service life:
>20 years


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